What is Wackee Six?

What's Included

6 decks of cards each with 2 WILD Cards and 52 cards numbered 1-13 in 4 different colored suits.

Object of the Game

To win of course. This is a speed card game. Be the first player or team to get the most points and call out "Go Out" or "Wackee Six" is declared the winner. This is far from a quiet Solitaire card game. This games gets really Wackee because nobody get a "turn", everyone plays at the same time.


Made for 2 to 12 players! Each or team will have their own deck. If more there are more than 6 players, play in partners of 2. The more players, the more Wackee the game can get.

How to Score Points

This is done by playing out all 12 of the main cards you will have dealt to you at the beginning. While that is being done, you want to turn your remaining deck as fast as you can, and play as many cards onto the crazy piles in the middle of the table as you can. This is where most of your points will come from.